AlignmentsWhat is wheel alignment? The alignments of your car’s wheels is important to keep the car going straight down the road and avoiding that ever so slight drift to the left or right. A proper wheel alignment will prevent unnecessary wear on your tires. Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros are your one-stop-shop for your alignment needs. We make the alignment process a hassle-free one.

Alignment Services in Seaside CA

At Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros we offer a full vehicle alignment. That means your car’s suspension along with the tires will be aligned. Let’s take you through a brief overview of the process so you are not sitting in the waiting room wondering “what the heck is going on in there?” To start, one of our certified technicians will hook your car up to our special alignment machine. The car is lifted into the air and hooked up to a machine that provides an accurate assessment of the car’s alignment. The technician then adjusts your alignment to match what the computer indicates to be correct, and boom – you are done. It is that simple. During this process, the technician will adjust both your wheels and suspension’s alignment.

The Importance Of Wheel Alignments

How do I know when to get an alignment? Experts suggest that an alignment should be done around every three years, but if your car is showing any of the signs, it should be brought in. The most common signs include:

  • If your car starts to pull in a direction when driving
  • Your steering wheel is askew when driving safe
  • A shaking steering wheel or squealing tires.

If any of these signs come up you know you can count on Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros of Seaside, CA, to get the job done right hassle-free.

Balancing Seaside CA

Many times the shaking of a steering wheel could be your alignment or your wheels may need to be balanced. This shaking becomes noticeable at varying speeds, so if you notice it, bring it in to get your wheels looked at. Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros knows that with time, it is normal for wheels to become off-balance, and properly balanced wheels allow for a smooth ride. We are all about comfort here at Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros so let us help you find true balance.

Wheel Alignments Near Me

Come see us at Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros or set an appointment online so we can get things running smoothly.

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