Brake Repair

brake service SeasideThe brakes on your car are no joke, they are one of, if not the most, important components of your vehicle. When the brakes of your car start to wear down, it can become harder to stop, or you won’t be able to stop at all. If your car is showing any signs of brake wear or failure, do not hesitate to come to see the ASE-certified professionals here at Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros. You can trust that we will get you back on the road safe and sound! We are the experts in brake repair and service.

Brake Repair in Seaside, CA

Most people don’t know this but your brakes actually have several parts that work together seamlessly to bring you and your car to a stop. The brake system is composed of the pads, rotors, calipers, and the brake fluid reservoir and hoses. When you depress the brake pedal, it pumps brake fluid through the hoses and into the caliper. The caliper, which holds the brake pads, closes and squeezes the rotors of your car. The friction created by the pads and rotors rubbing together is what slows down your vehicle to a smooth gradual stop. Most often when you come in for brake services or repair, it will just be a matter of replacing your brake pads. No need to fear if it is something more, Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros are here to help!

Signs You Need New Brakes

Have you ever noticed that your car is shaking when you are coming to a stop and the brakes are applied? That could be because your rotors have formed what we call “hot spots”. A hot spot is when the pads rub against the rotor too often in one spot due to the caliper not reopening completely. Don’t worry we can fix it. Have you ever heard a random squealing noise when you are stopping at a red light? That could mean your pads are running low, but what is that squealing? Most pads come with a small metal piece that indicates when the pad has been worn down to the “manufacturer’s recommended replacement level”. Basically, if you hear squealing, it is time to bring your car in for new pads.

Brake Repair Near Me

Here at Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros in Seaside, CA, we know these signs and know just the right fix. Call or make an appointment online today with Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros and let’s get those brakes fixed.

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