Cooling / Radiator Repair

Cooling SystemJust like you need to be cooled down in the hot Seaside summers, your car needs to be cooled off too. That is where insuring your car’s cooling system is up and running becomes crucial. At Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros, we make sure your car is running at a cool crisp temperature to avoid overheating.

Cooling System Repair in Seaside, CA

Your car’s cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, hoses, and a thermostat. If any of these components malfunction it could lead to engine overheating and failure. Generally, you should be able to detect when the car is getting too hot before it causes serious damage. Your dashboard should tell you if it is getting too hot. The car’s cooling system uses antifreeze to transfer heat from the engine to the radiator where it is cooled and cycled back through. The water pump and thermostat help regulate how much antifreeze is used so you are not just flooding your systems. These things can have problems but here at Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros, we can fix those problems for you. We take the stress of car troubles from you.

Belts and Hoses in Seaside, CA

Any one of the parts of your car’s cooling system could go bad, it happens. Repairs could range from a simple hose or belt that got old and needs replacing to your radiator is leaking and needs to be replaced. If it is something as simple as a belt or hose needing to be replaced, you can trust that Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros in Seaside, CA will identify and fix the problem. Not only do belts control the fan that cools your radiator and keeps the engine cool, but most cars have only one belt in the whole car. If that belt gets damaged, that could cost some serious dollars. Our experts will inspect your belts to make sure there is no need to worry.

Signs Your Radiator Needs Repair

The most common signs of radiator malfunction are

  • Steam coming from the hood
  • Engine randomly shuts off
  • Coolant leaks
  • Low fuel economy (less gas mileage)

Cooling & Radiator Repair Near Me

To prevent these issues come to see us at Sullivan’s Auto Service & Tire Pros routinely to inspect for these common signs. Call or set an appointment online today with an auto service repair shop you can trust to keep you safe.

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